Thursday, February 08, 2007

Malacca yo!

wheeeeee~ holiday rocks my socks!

went for a short short trip to Malacca last Sunday.

when it comes to Malacca, Keetz comes into the picture! most importantly, he knows where to get good food!!! thank you KeeWeeng!!!!

And the story goes......

bus leaves at 8am. but, due to some misunderstandings, we reached PuduBusStation before 7am. and i only had few hours of sleep. *yawn* oh yeah, the bus seats were horrible!!!! so crampy and i cant even push my seat back!!! thank God for the short journey.....

was suppose to go to this hotel named Aldy's, but, it was fully booked when we got there!!!!!! to search for a place to sleep in.

*walk walk walk* finally, our room in BabaHouse. =) btw,Sam has this "thank-God-for-a-room" face.haha.

in our room. theGirls who went : Maha, moi, Sam, LiShan.
MayYee!!! where are you???? =(

our first stop. CHICKEN RICE BALL!!! *yum yum*

went walk walk after chicken rice, then decided to go for second round. NYONYA FOOD! as recommended by Keetz, we went searching high and low for Donald&Lily's Nyonya Food. after getting directions from this local man, we found the place. =)

above pic shows Nyonya Laksa and AyamPongteh (hope i got the spelling right) .food was amazing!!!!! im sooooo in love with AyamPongteh!!!!!

theBEST Cendol in Malacca as i was told by this local man who apparently owns an Inn. Had a chat with him and his family. He was shocked to find out tat we knew this place and other places for nice Malacca food. again, all thanks to Keetz. haha.

some red stairs. er...i cant remember what place is this. hee...*shy*

jiawei, Sam, LiShan @ Stadhuys

theFriesAffair goes to Malacca...

theGirls back to the past....

SatayCelup for dinner!

syokness!!!! the sauce damn ooomph!!
before dinner, we were sad, tired and depressed. we missed MayYee!!!
sitting at the railway station was a heartache =(

then came the train. wheeeee~

i had to leave. but my friends were not ready to let me go. sigh, i love them so much!!!
*hahahaha, look at the expression*

Superman-wannabe trying to stop the train. -_-"
*shakes head*
okie, enough of drama. more pics to it, maybe next time k?

a picture of us. ALMOST perfect. MayYeeeeee!!!!!! whos sesat back in Subang. haih... in fact, the whole gang should be here. you know who you are. *winkz*

will the real slim SHAD(E)y please stand up, please stand up?
NOTE : Poser alert!!!!

whoa, i think thats Superman up there!!!

Hawaiian Pizza for supper! rm14. 10inches. ask me, it's freaking cheap. yeap.
oh, by the way, we had more for supper. some food we bought in JonkersStreet. hehe, no pic of it, cause we finished it before we could even take a pic of it. haha. yes, we ate from morning to night!

a classic before we left theBabaHouse. Review on theBabaHouse : nice place to stay, good service, nice people, nice place, a bit eerie, but very classy. at least to me, i liked that place. =)

on the bus home. inside the bus, damn smelly!!! do you know how it smells like when your clothes are not dry enough? yeah, that smell. yuck! spacious seats but smelly. sigh, never perfect huh?

In conclusion, i enjoyed the holiday.
Cant wait for another one. *smiles*

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