Monday, October 22, 2007

Anish/Wernie's 20th

21/10/2007 (Sunday)

Q : Where are the updates?
A : Exam in 4 days time. Need to study lar friend.

Anyhow, anyway,

Anish's Birthday On the 13/14th of October!

He had a BBQ party at his place on the eve of his birthday. The high school bunch was there of course. Oh, how i miss them..

Besides the company, the food..
Omg, i Love Love Love the Lamb!!!!!! *licks fingers*

Birthday cake at 12AM.

Birthday boy with his birthday cake

when Anish was away...

Then, he came back..

Anish : er...Sam, what is your hand doing on my boobs?

Sam : *looks at her own hand* hahahhahahaha

she's fine, maybe, just a weeeeeeeee bit too much of Alcohol. Jussssssstttt a bit...

yes, we know the cake is from Secret Recipe. But, one slice, no, maybe two slices on the Birthday boy is not too much. rooight?? =p

Because he was happy and the alcohol made him happier..

Bryan and Anish trying out the Ballroom. sweeeeettttt!

pretty obvious which is the girl and which is the guy right?

ps: alcohol does wonders. No?

20th of October 2007

Happy Birthday
Ms Wong Wern Pei!!!!!

She's the loud one, the smart one, the ganas one, the whacky one, the hyper one, the one learning Penang hokkien, And my Girly =)

Hope you had fun last night. Love ya! *hughug*

still having the SCC syndrome? hahahhahaha *internal joke*

oi woman, i just realised that i dont have any pictures with you! How come?

sorry, will have to make do with this then...

Oh, just so you know, she's got a different hairstyle now. This was taken before she left to Penang for studies.

Sorry for the short and un-detailed post. got some studies to do.

oh oh, WAIT!!!!!! more pictures on Anish's Birthday here ya!!!!

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