Monday, December 17, 2007

The Familiar

17/12/2007 (Monday)

im back in the homeland, Malaysia! =D

as much as i missed the weather here when i was in China, which is now in winter, i kinda regretted a lil when i stepped out of the plane.
it's so stuffy here!

anyway, im glad to be back.

shifting from one hotel to another every other day is so not fun. unpack, pack, unpack, pack. geez, malas malas!

chinese food which consists of rice for 3 meals a day. erm, i miss roti canai and hawker food. haha. =p

oh, i did cheat a lil for breakfast where im able to get hold of bread, cereals, sausages, salad and eggs. haha, i cant stand chinese food for every meal k. when i say chinese for breakfast, it's not like dimsum k, it's more like rice, noodles, fried vege, like what we will eat here for lunch and dinner. urgh, i cant do that. sorry.
except porridge of course. i dont mind that for breakfast. =)

anyway, overall, the trip was ok.
been a long time since the family followed a package tour, hence, rather tiring.

we prefer free and easy, hehe.

Do you know that there is so much more to discover in China. i mean, the country is so big and every state has its own history. pretty interesting.

But for now, enough of China. really. 3 times. enough.

i wanna go for another trip! when? where? sigh...

maybe Shanghai? HongKong? i dont mind these 2 places tho. haha

Cousin and family just came back from South Africa. hmmm...


maybe a trip to UK?
*fingers crossed*

pictures later ya!
just too lazy at the moment. hehe.

Omg, it's already the 3rd week of the month!
8 days till Christmas. shopping, shopping, shopping...
after Christmas, everyone gets another year older,

hello 2008.

time waits no woman.

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