Wednesday, January 02, 2008


1st January 2008

Have A Spankin' New Year everyone!!!

New Years eve was spent at home, having Shan and Maha over as the rest were busy with individual plans. After midnight, we headed out to our usual teh tarik stall (mamak. i figured teh tarik stall sounds more glam. haha) along with Bryan and Ben.

On usual nights, you dont see Melur being packed like yesterday.
Maha figured they were probably giving out free roti canai's for the crowd.

Everyone seemed happy on New Years day.
It's a new beginning for everyone. heck, i should be happy as well.
But, things didnt go as smooth.
No worries, all is fine now.

This year, it feels a little different.
Instead of the one being in the crowd celebrating along with the others, this year, i was the spectator.

and you know how they always say the spectator gets a better view on the real happenings?

omg, i feel wiser now. must be the new year...and not forgetting the age!

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