Wednesday, January 30, 2008


30th January 2008 (Wednesday)

i know february is not here yet but i feel it already.
the month of Chinese New Year and the last month of my holiday. WHY? cant the time go any slower? especially during holidays? huh?????

theUni is giving me problems. The time table changes every now and then. not any better, but worst each time. currently, i have 28hrs of studies a week. ='(
at times like this, i wish we were not given the freedom to set our time table the way we like with several time slots to choose from. Cant they just settle it for us? but then again, when you dont get to set your own time table, you'll complain and complain about the time table given to you and start cursing theUni for it. hard to manage a university.
ok, hello, im supposed to be pissed off at theUni here cause they provide horrible time slots and happily giving us more and more lecture hours. *angry face*

for those who are curious, i've been home for the past week.
gym, sleep, eat, watch my series, boyfriend, attending dance classes, planning for clubbing trips that NEVER happened, cook my own lunch, blog hopping, be a driver to my sisters, facebook, grocery shopping, church, and spending quality time with my room.

interesting huh?

and there goes one week...

Let me share something with you guys! something that i totally am in love with..
Dance performance by Bryan Watson and Carmen Vincelj, who are professional latin dancers. Together they've won many World Championship in Latin Dance, which includes Blackpool ok.
you gotta love latin. really..






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