Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Post Valentines Day

15th February 2008 (Friday)

How was your Valentines Day?

mine was quiet, sad, and lonely until the boyfriend came back from uni and we webcam-ed. heh.
its like that when you have a boyfriend but he's 10,000km away. boohoo.

but then again, it was 11am in the morning on the 14th when i was rushing to the dentist for my 11am appointment that my 6yearOld sister came knocking on my door to pass me something and wishing me Happy Valentines Day along with my mom.

Surprise Surprise!

Flowers sent by the Boyfriend =D =D
again, he made me a happy happy HAPPY girl.... *big big big big smile*
thanks baby..

on the eve of Valentines Day, we crashed LiShan's.
and since it was still Chinese New Year, we get to nibble on bak kwa, cookies and crackers! yay! visit, eat and play, we can all get fat fat together-gether. haha. we finished 2 containers of crackers. see the empty one? hee... thank you LiShan and family =)

Happy Family and Mickey Mouse Uno Cards from Malacca. we are so lovin it. ;)

her house, my girly =)

his effort to cover up his non-existent mushroom head.

while waiting for me to set the timer for the group shot. super candid! haha.
the one watching TV, the not-so future celebrity, the monkey

group shot!

milionaire! the cheap and Malaysian version for Monopoly. nice! can buy mcDonalds.

my girlfriend.

Happy Post Valentines Day!
hope all of you had fun with your Valentine and friends =)

NOTE: Heart shaped printed baby-t in conjunction of Valentines Day and a note to the boyfriend who will be reading this on the other side of the world. *heart YoU* :D

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