Sunday, April 06, 2008


6th April 2008 (Sunday)

Felt like ages since i last blogged. Sorry, i've been busy. 24 hours a day, so NOT enough. i need more. more more MORE TIME!

Deadlines for assignments, reports, mid-sem tests.

the lack of sleep/rest = flu, sorethroat, i see the fever coming

My lil' workstation @ home.
sex and the city during breaks. heh :p my only entertainment ok!

On another note,

3rd April 2008

To my Bestie,

the one who calls me every now and then to check on me, the one who laughs with me, the one who layans all my nonsense, the one who shops with me till we both burn a hole in our pockets, the one who lends me a shoulder when im upset, the one who lends me an ear when i have too much to complain about, the one i trust with all my deepest darkest secret, the one i heart despite all the differences we have......

Happy 21st Birthday MissyCapel

Love you!


may our friendship last a life time ey? ;)

ps: im sorry i had to leave early the other day. i know you had fun, and thats all that matters =)

pps: a proper post once the hectic period is over! who knows when will that be..sigh...

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