Friday, April 25, 2008

monash go-ers and money issues

25th April 2008 (Friday)

oh joy! the weekends are here!

final exam dates are out, uni work is piling up (as always), sleep is needed, Time - is a factor.

the joy of being a student, im appreciating every single minute of it. really! deadlines for assignments, reports, tests, exams, the peer pressure to excell not only for yourself, but for competition sake (read: kiasu-ness). after all, i have a life time to work. i better love and hate my life as a student as much as i can.

Yesterday, i took 15mins between studies to do a lil blog hop. i hopped my way to my coursemates blog. yes friends who are reading my blog, i read your blogs. haha. =p and to no surprise, almost Almost every blog i go to, there is the post that screams 'kill me. engineering is killing me. the workload and yada-yada' im really seeing the effects. we are so Monash.


im broke :(

because stress was used as an excuse to shop. i might not have the time to hit the boutiques or shopping malls, i sure have internet access to e-boutiques. teehee =p

was reading CLEO mag while enjoying a session of pedicure and came upon this article "7 habits of successful spender". READ IT! next month, i shall start my plan to be a successful spender. *fingers crossed* =/

fyi, i failed my shopping ban, whereby i promised the boyfriend that im not gonna buy anything until next month(May). the boyfriend asked me to get a rich husband. =x

so now, i deserve to be broke. T_____________T
Nites, love. Happy Weekend.
ps: i miss him. 7months and counting.

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