Sunday, August 31, 2008


31st August 2008 (Sunday)

the big two one came and went in a flash. i figured i should do a post on it before August ends and i might just get lazy and forget about it :p
you know how people go about asking "hey, 21st birthday. How are you gonna celebrate it? hey, wheres the party?" and when you say nothing, it goes "oh... why not? but it's your 21st birthday!" and so i had it in my mind all this while that maaaaayyyyyybeeeee i shud do something for my 21st birthday. Considering the fact that i never really had a birthday party, besides the ones that my friends have for me. so, this year, why not?

so july came and it was about time to plan for the big event. BUT, it all ended when the notice : CHE2163 test on the 26th of August 2008. 11-12pm. awesome! everything crashed, i just lost the mood =/ this was followed by assignments, reports, etc etc. malas malas! so, no plans for the 21st birthday.

oya, the test weighs 10% of the finals marks. and no, im too kia-su to pass it and not put an effort in it. siiiggghhhh.... WHY.

oh well, lucky for me that i have my family who made an effort to celebrate with me on the 25th night. the boyfriend to bake me muffins and bring it to me at 0000hr on the 26th. my friends+boyfriends attempt to surprise me though we (friends and i) already made a pact since last year that there will be no surprise birthdays for all of us celebrating the 21st. friends and family who remembered my birthday and wished me via text, phonecalls, facebook, verbally, etc. It was all good :)))

despite the fact that everything didnt really turn out the way i wanted it to be, it ended up way better than that. Because in the end, all i really needed was love from family and friends. Thats all i need to remember my 21st :D

erm, pictures of my 21st here and there will be posted up later. For now, a video clip made by close friends whom i've been hanging out with throughout my high school life right up till this very of the things that money cant buy :)))))


pps: i love love love the video clip that almost made me cry :(

ppps: cant believe im freaking 21 years old. boohoo. im officially legal. act like an adult? nah..

pppps: my birthday was on the 26th of August. heh.


Malaysia is home :)
Happy Merdeka!

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