Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy ending much?

5th November 2008 (Wednesday)

more than 3 weeks of studies, sleepless nights, waking up at wee hours to study, all the stress, guilt, caving in the library/my own's over. finally.

However, i don't feel happy as i thought i would, or should i say, i should?

It was a bad ending. a really bad one for me. :( so bad, i was this close to bursting out in tears. so bad.. It felt as if i didnt do anything during the 3 hour paper. One of the worst 3 hours. Let's see. The last two papers were back to back. On monday, all of us thought we were given the wrong paper -_- a surprise for us, as the lecterur had said during lectures. Then came tuesday. Our final paper. Bam! We loved it. I don't hear no cheers nor laughter as we sat and handed in our final paper. All you see are sad faces and 'shit, im gonna fail (said by me)'.

Oh well.. at least Hsiao Hui had a cake cutting session in conjunction with her 20th birthday which coincidently falls on the same day. We laughed a bit.
Happy Birthday again :)

Keeping my fingers crossed. Praying hard. Please God, let me pass the paper. In fact, ALL THE PAPERS. Without it, im not going anywhere :( and i really really want to pass my 2nd year :((
im upset. can't you tell.

On the other hand, i failed to get an internship! geez, it's so hard to get a job/internship. sad to say, i don't have the results to shout about either. gah!

it's over now. the exams. the assignments. the reports. the late nights. the early mornings.
i can pretty much enjoy my holidays and get a life.

BUT, how come, i don't feel happy at all?

so much for a happy ending huh.

hmmm.. time to party. i think.


Happy 21st Birthday Emilia Toh!

i hope you had fun :D hahaha.

not even sure if you read this =/ oh well..

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