Sunday, November 16, 2008


15th November 2008 (Saturday)

**just for the sake of putting up a picture =/


so, it was raining cats and dogs last night. i was just sooooooo lazy to get out of the house. A lil chit-chat with the girls online, the next thing we know, we (Maha, Sam, and I) decided to have a sleepover at Sam's. man, i love spontaneity.

Spent the whole night with the girls. looking through pictures. omygoodness. pictures of us when we were 14 are memories that should be kept forever :)

hmm..are you the eldest among your siblings?
they say that it is always easier for the younger ones to do stuffs like going out late, club and yada yada because parents already gone through it with the elder one. i sooooo agree. lucky for my sisters, i see that things are a whole lot easier for them. not mentioning the attention they get from my parents. Hello parents, *waves frantically* i think you forgot that you've got another daughter who just turned 21 this year. oh, dont worry, im not forgotten, just wanting more attention but at the same time getting the freedom i want. too much to ask? :p

im loving my holidays. how to get a job feeling so lazy allllllllll the time?

had plans to check out UOX something something at Capsquare this afternoon. BUT, non of us (Sam and I) wanted to drive to KL on a Saturday and we were just too lazy to take the public transport. bye-bye to Capsquare. i can't believe we chose laziness over shopping. Then, there's also Showpink's junkyard sale in Bangsar. AGAIN, too lazy for that. Three of us girls ended up in segafredo with respective laptops. heh..

oya, house hunting is such a pain in the ass especially when you're in m'sia trying to look for a place to stay in aussieland. there is on-campus accommodation for a very good reason. too late for that lim jia wei! ish ish.

i finished my very first anime on Friday. the anime was tagged drama, comedy, romance. freaking addictive and omygoodness i love it :)
i need more of those. recommendation?

have not been taking pictures.

i've been driving too much. i need my boyfriend. *big wide smile*

MAIN POINT: im just too lazy for anything. :p

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