Sunday, November 30, 2008

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29th November 2008 (Saturday)

Ohmy, it's gonna take me some time to get my brain working again. I feel rotten :S
But, it's all good. no complains :) my brain needs some rest..

Results are out! Thank God for alllllllllll the blessings, im able to move on to 3rd year smoothly :D
Before i get you thinking, no, i didn't ace it, but not having to repeat any of the subjects is exactly what i want this time around. Im grateful :)

Another reason to Thank God.
My first interview for an internship. It was a disaster, because i was freaking nervous and forgot what to say :S Babbling the whole time and trying to remain clam at the same time is no easy job. Whatever it is, i would say that this was a good experience. I learnt that you'll never know what a job interview is like until you've been to one.
Err.. no, i didn't get the job. I didn't have 6months to provide them with. or maybe i just messed up the whole interview. who knows.. =/
What is it with Malaysian companies who don't inform even if you didn't get/don't provide internship? Does an email suck up sooo much of your time? Sending the same mail to everyone who didn't succeed won't hurt much right?

Yet another reason to Thank God.
I got an internship :D
A tad bit late, but no worries, im again grateful to get an internship. At least i had 3 weeks to laze around and do nothing. :p
I start Monday. Wish me luck!
i shall be honest over the fact that i am excited AND nervous. hope i don't screw things up :S

Suddenly, so little time and much to settle.

Happy thoughts: Can't wait for you to get home *beams* :)

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