Saturday, February 06, 2010


6th February 2010 (Saturday)

-Last Saturday, i said Sunday nights/the eve of Monday is simply horrible.
-Weekdays turned out pretty good because i now have more thoughts to consider on my future. good thoughts.
-I also decided to put away the past and look at the present. more important, what's ahead of me. this was last Sunday's message from God.
-again, i wonder what first impressions i give. quiet? goody-2-shoes?
-you should know that i have a love for minicoops, ice-cream, red, converse, chanel, black, navy, white, me-time, shopping, shoes, flip-flops, big-t's, jeans, more clothes, more shoes.
-im not sure if many knows this, but i secretly love fashion. a lot. so much i cant survive without reading fashion blogs and drool over fashion i cant afford. i may not show it on myself, but i really really love fashion. i may not have the fashion sense, but i really really really love fashion.
-i can gobble down a whole lot of french fries/chips if not for the fear of getting obese over it.
-i have a big round face. full moon?
-my eyes are small and im proud of my chinese genes.
-im usually very lazy to exercise but the sweat keeps me going.
-currently im really addicted to gummy sweets.
-i miss melbourne, but i miss home too.
-my 19 year old sister can be annoying but she doesnt know i love her as much as i love my 9 year old sister.
-i love to party but i lost the energy for it.
-my current perfect chillax moment would be to sit in a cosy cafe, a good book, my ipod, my laptop, coffee+chocs, muffin, big-t's, shorts, flip-flops.
-i long for a holiday. a slow and relaxing holiday.
-i hate work but i appreciate the experience.
-i still get upset when someone asks why am i graduating so late. im stupid so stop asking.
-my ego is as high as the mountain, as deep as the ocean. trying to tone it down for his sake and my good.
-im shy.
-make-up is good for me. not too much, maybe just a little. but im just too lazy.
-i will not admit that i dont have enough space for all my clothes and shoes.
-there is this pair of converse that im planning to get. should i?
-i trust my true friends to never leave me despite the distance. i hope they think the same too.
-this chinese new year will be different from the previous years. will tell you the previous or the present was better.
-money and religion is something i dont fancy having a conversation over. it spoils the relationship.
-i think tough and confident girls are sexy and hot and pretty.
-i have this giant pimple on my chin.
-i prefer sunrise over sunset. the break of dawn is just amazing. havent seen one for a long time. must make it a point to stay up/wake up for it. hmmm i just realise i've not seen a sunrise in melby. sad.
-i know i'll regret saying that studying is better than working. especially when the exam comes.
-i miss dancing with the girls. sadly, memories are all i have now.
-im excited because it has been a year since i partied with the girlfriend. tonight :)
-leaving in 2 weeks time. i feel a pinch everytime thinking about leaving the comfort of home. on the other hand, i have unsettled issues and someone waiting for me on the other side.
-satay, hokkien mee, grilled fish
-by june, i want to see a flat tummy and hopefully a not so round face.
-you watch heroes? i want Samuel's powers so i can shift my comfort zone with me everywhere i go.
-in my life time, i dont think i can ever repay my parents sacrifices for the family. will i be able to do the same for my family in the future? saving is just hard.
-today and for the rest of the year, i want to be forever 21.

ok, let's party!

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