Monday, January 10, 2011

I took a pencil and wrote

Being on a holiday means losing track of time. and I'm proud to say that I've succeeded in doing so. Everyday is a Sunday. How awesome is that? :D
I go to bed every night thinking - yayyyy no school tomorrow and no deadlines!! woohoo!!

But I guess happy moments don't last very long. God is fair.
Today I came to realization that my holiday is coming to an end. Just 5 weeks to go and hello please study and graduate. It felt so much better before the new year came cause mentally there is still so much more play time. My holiday ends next year. IELTS? it can wait. No JiaWei you can't procrastinate any longer. Your IELTS test is next Wednesday. You have slightly a week more to prepare and if you're not ready, you can start packing because you'll be heading home next year. Can you feel my fear now? i guess not.

So I tried an online Listening test (IELTS consists of listening, reading, writing and speaking test) and did miserably. I need a band 8 but I only scored 7. Can you feel my fear?

I may be conversing with you in english but technically I'm not from an english speaking country, therefore english is not my first language. So they say in the IELTS website and the reason why I have to go through with this test in order for the land of kangaroos to believe that I can actually understand and survive among the angmoh's.

Just moments ago, I took a pencil and wrote down my 'task's for tomorrow'/the week ahead. There are currently 5 to-do's on the list. I guess bumming around for a month is taking its toll on me. Being lazy lead me to think that I'm incapable of completing anything. What if I'm not ready for the test? =///////

Can you feel my fear now?

i guess not :((((

It's gonna be a busy week ahead. I need to pray. God lift my burdens. Amen.

I guess exaggerating is part of being on a holiday.

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