Thursday, January 18, 2007

IELTS ( part 1 )


Speaking test! it's not supposed to be scary but it was!! though it's just a one to one test, still, it never fail to give me the butterflies. my hands were shaking!! very obvious cause you can see my fingers shaking as i passed my IC to the examiner and taking it back. troughout the whole test, my voice, goodness, so shaky!! haha, just couldnt help it..
anyway, the test finished way early than i expected. my test was suppose to be at 2.20pm. but, by 2pm, i'm over with it and on my way home ady..haha..
and i did a very stoooopid mistake!!!! i was asked to tell what am i currently doing. guess wat? smartass me went and say i'm waiting to go UNI. "UNI" i cant use the word UNI , im supposed to say UNIVERSITY!!!! die =(
by the way, Written, Reading and Listening test this coming Saturday.
God Bless me...
hope i dont do anything stupid like i always do. haha, sad, i know...

ps : thanks to Sam, Maha and YuanHao for the support!!!!!

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