Saturday, January 20, 2007

IELTS ( part 2 )

i woke up at 7am. i so cannot believe it. it has been ages since i woke up that early.

so, reach the centre about 7.50am. goodness, damn a lot of people!! there's like a line along the stairway. some were waiting near the entrance. the best part, no one knows why or what are we waiting for. haha...

then later found out, actually, waiting to register. -_-" swt kao kao.
registration and the other crap took 1 hour.

first, listening. OK.
2nd, Reading. crapster man!!! not enough time!!! had to rush through the last section. haih... double sigh... =(
3rd, Writing. OK.

in conclusion, the exam was OK.

pray hard that i didnt screw up the whole paper. Amen.

woohoo~ im just ONE step from "UNI"versity..

oh, wait!!!!

something REALLY random...
myBabySister who loves chocolates.

PS : white chocolate rocks my socks!!

Great weekend peepz!!

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