Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a MINI's journey...

have you been on a road?

do you realise something?

the road is....

never smooth.

never a road you can drive on without stepping on the brakes.

never a straight road you can drive on without coming to a junction.

never a road that has no signboards or bumps to slow you down.

never a road without potholes.

hence, i never expect a smooth journey.

in every journey, there is something to pick up. a lesson learnt.

the next time around, when you're on the same road again, you know what to expect. because, you've seen whats ahead of you.

sometimes, we know there's a bump ahead of us, but we choose to accelerate instead of slowing down. that is when the second mistake comes in.

we never learn from our mistakes.

it's worst when the journey is long.

it takes time to reach your destination. eventually, there is more to overcome.

questions start spinning in your mind when you are on a long journey.

we dont know where this road is leading us.

joy? sadness?

when you see a signboard telling you your distance from your destination.

tell me how you feel when the signboard states that you are 183km from your next destination.

distance can be a killer.

but, it's just something that you need to adapt to.

one cant expect something to appear/ be within your reach all the time.

God created the bird. He provided the source of food. He provided shelter. but, the bird will not get any of this if it doesnt put an effort to search / built it.

and so, the same principal applies.

the distance will not be overcomed if we give up before we even started.

effort and commitment, my friend.

ps:// yes, now you guys know how much i've been thinking. and this is only part of it. haha, complicated sial..just random thoughts. =)

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  1. Not knowing what's next is what makes the journey exciting. With a lil bit of effort, you're out of the corner and on to the smooth,open road again.

    The curves and corners are where the go-cart characteristics and that 175 bhp of the Cooper S truely shine. ;)