Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my interest =)

whoa, so fast, end of January 2007! first month of the year! and, i did nothing but play. God, help me when i start my classes.

anyway, i've been staying home for quite a few days. chilling, tv, books, eat, sleep etc. im getting a lil bored cause sitting around the house the whole day makes my butt bigger. at least thats what i think, haha.

and i recently found out that im really in to cooking, food and drinks! im not great at any of it, but, im really really interested. that's a suprise. i've been looking for recipes online, bookstores, tv programmes, cook books etc. im amazed!!! the amount of cocktails recipes, pasta sauce, burgers, sandwiches recipes (just to name a few)you get online is fantabulous!!!
went to BORDERS during the weekends. besides looking for new books to read, i was actually tempted to get a cook book. i was looking through cook books, finding recipes to try out. can you imagine me doing that?? I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!
Discovery Travel & Living is one of my fav channel on Astro. Jamie oliver, Kylie Kwong, Beach Cafe etc. i likey like!! anything to do with food, drinks and travel!!! damn nice!!!

kylie kwong

jamie oliver
they are amazing!!! i love them!!!
oh yeah, i've been collecting recipes.

whether im gonna try cooking/baking/ making any of those, i have yet to find out. depends on my mood. haha..
so far, im just enjoying every single bit of it. getting to know more about food and drinks, simply awesome!

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