Thursday, February 01, 2007

31 things

bye bye January 2007!

to end the month of january, im gonna tell you guys 31 things...

1. my dance teacher is getting very impatient with me. i sad. =(
2. i had chapati at 10.30pm.
3. after chapati, i went for ice-cream.
4. i got a BaskinRobbins coupon from theSun newspaper.
5. on the 31st, you get to buy BaskinRobbins ice-cream for 31% discount.
6. BaskinRobbins in Taipan packed like mad.
7. i had Baskins for 2 days in a row.
8. i love strawberries.
9. i love cherry tomatoes.
10. gym is my second home.
11. i cant leave my house without money and my Sonic
12. red and green is the fave.
13. i enjoy pedicure. *erm, which girl doesnt?*
14. oh, i enjoy manicure as well, just that, it doesnt last long. *in my case, coz im really careless*
15. i can sit for 3 hours plus watching hindi movies.
16. God is my first love.
17. sari = glam.
18. i cant drink. im allergic. =(
19. however, lychee martini is the current fav. *hint hint*
20. i prefer Starbucks over CoffeeBean.
21. sneakers and flip-flops are super comfy!
22. indian rice. syokness...
23. braces are pretty.
24. pepperoni pizza with extra cheese rocks my socks!
25. earrings, necklaces, bangles gets my attention. shopping!!!
26. classics are sexy. from cars to shoes.
27. currently, im into books by Jodi Picoult.
28. korean/taiwan/hongkong series keeps me awake. *nice ones lar, cannot tahan boring n draggy ones*
29. grocery shopping is fun!
30. i can be really kiamsiap when im saving money for something/broke.
31. someone once told me that i can be kidnapped rather easily. the reason : as long as you drive a cooper, i will jump into the car willingly. -_-" yes, i go ga-ga over miniCoopers or any mini's for that matter. =)

random facts. more to it, but, im only giving you 31. haha.
im so the free and bored.

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  1. You are so gonna get kidnapped.. *shakes head*
    you know who's this.. -_-"