Thursday, February 01, 2007


pictures speaks a thousand words =)

while waiting for the guys..this is what girls do *grin*.
Maha, MayYee, moi, Sam
camerawoman : LiShan.* sorry girl, you're not in the pic. haha.*
CurlyMaha, CrinkledJiaWei, ShoeStringSam

smile smile. Maha looking tired after work..poor girl..

martinis never fail to cheer me up=) the one im holding is Cosmopolitan. eew, not my drink.
the other one is LycheeMartini!!!! my current fave!!
*hint hint* anyone wanna get me a drink? hehe

dance dance dance!
random pic of my girls, Maha and LiShan.

the place was packed!!! yeah, it was ladiesnight, hence the crowd. it was crazy downstairs at the dance floor. everyone squeezing through. *squeeze squeeze squeeze* impossible to dance! after squeezing throught the dance floor, trying to get a spot to dance, we gave up and went back upstairs. sigh...
anyway,its OK. as long as i have my girls with me, alls good. =)

theFitness gang. thanks guys for everything! we had fun =)

Shan and moi.
*look at my horrible arms!! tone tone tone!!!*

all sweaty after dance and a couple of drinks.
theGirls and 2 batangs behind. haha.
*i like Sam's top!!! sexy~*
thats all folks! have a Great Weekend!!

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