Monday, January 08, 2007

Of Starbucks, Surf's UP and ChingMei's Birthday!!

theGirls at Starbucks..

we were bored. and so, we ended up in Starbucks.

Samantha & moi

Samantha & MayYee

LiShan & Samantha

GirlsWithJeans - MayYee, Sam, LiShan

yes, we played "chor tai dee"..i had lousy cards by the way =(

Rally of the Year!!

Surf's UP...


ps://lack of pictures due to lazy-ness.

all in all, it was a Great event! Job well done to everyone who made this rally a success!!

Awesome way to start the year 2007. =)

ChingMei's 19th Birthday at ManhanttanFishMarket....

theBirthdayGirl- ChingMei!!!

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