Saturday, January 06, 2007

i just want to throw it out the window

what's up man??

i had enough! i cant bare to listen! i just want to sit down and read my book.
don't worry, im ok.
im currently in the "thinking" mode. hehe...

does it suck when all you can do is see but cant do anything about it?

theBestFriend once asked me. " jiawei, what is your dream?" " do you have a dream that you want to achieve? "

gee...i was caught. hey, i have a dream. but, i dont think i'm working hard enough to achieve it. ok, that's gonna be my newYear resolution.

im picking up stones. then, im gonna throw it out to the sea. every stone i throw represents someones sadness. after throwing the sadness, happiness will come. that happiness will come in Gods love. a shell which represents Gods creation, His LOVE towards us. every shell i collect, i shall trade it with a stone.

haha, i sound so naive, but at least, this is how im gonna see things for the start of the year.

if you think you are having a bad start, just throw it away and start it all over again. HOPE.

oh, by the way, totally unrelated, i love boyzIImen!!!!!! all the emo songs, damn emo!! hehe...

Have a Great week!!

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