Thursday, January 04, 2007

tell me im 20 this year.

" wait ar, let me ask my parents first. "

i once heard a pastor saying that teenagers nowadays think that they know everything but actually, they dont.

i think it's true.

we hate our parents when they nag at us. we hate our parents when they don't give us the permission to go out with our friends. we hate our parents when they release their stress on us. we hate our parents when they start to control our lives. we hate our parents when they think that all they do or say is right. we hate our parents when they disagree with us. we hate our parents when they dont get us what we want. yes, i think all of us went through or will go through that stage where we hate our parents.

geez, who ever said it was easy to be a parent.

mistakes. yeap, their always right and you're always wrong. even when they make a mistake, you still get the scolding. ego?

stress. when they are under stress, whatever you do is a mistake. just an insy-winssy mistake will get you into a long lecture from them.

maybe, i need to be a parent to understand what they are thinking.

i think it's a cycle.
when they were young, they probably hate their own parents as much as we, as their children now, hate them. but still, they tend to repeat it. i find no other reason but concern and cycle.

by the way, im turning 20 this year. but, in my parents heart, i think im still 10yrs old. plus, im a girl.

congrats to me on getting my FREEDOM.

ps/ sorry for the sarcastic post. i still LOVE my parents and i have no intentions of running away from home or become a rebellious child.

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