Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year 2thousand7

the belated Christmas post. Enjoy!
Starbucks, Pyramid
people, say HI to MayYee!!

there you go. the girls looking fabulous on Chirstmas. Grin.

LiShan, Maha, MayYee

moi, LiShan

A Christmas filled with Love, Laughter And Candy!!

Samantha's House, Our Annual Christmas Party
clockwise from top left : Maha, Emmy, Sam, MayYee, Sasi

finally, the FOOD!! yummy!!

theFamily Table

clockwise from left : Bryan, Sasi, Ben, MayYee, WengHoe, LiShan, SuLeen
Santa-rinas MsSam and MsLiShan =)

MsLiShan, MsJiaWei, MsSam

smiles. =)
we're so cool yo!
DearSanta, Maha will not receive any present for this years Christmas because she broke my SantaHat!!!!! boohoo! *sob sobs* =(
theBestFriend, moi and theChristmasTree

theFAMILY wishes you a Merry Christmas!!!!!
the house of theLimFamily

wheeeeee~ presents!!!!
ps/ daddy, we need a bigger tree next year!!!!

alrighty, that's all for Christmas...
this time around, i didnt celebrate NewYearsEve with theClosefriends. instead, i went for a BBQ dinner and later to a friends house with theBoy and his friends.
it was fun! the food was good!! the lamb!!! syokness wei!!!! of course, thebooze was satisfaction. hehe...
ps/ i like your friends =)
sad part, no pictures for NewYearsEve. cause i left MrCammy in the car as i was too lazy to carry it around. so, too bad!!!
Happy New Year people!!!!
thank God for a blessed year 2006 and may there be a great year ahead of us....

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