Sunday, February 25, 2007

1/2 of Chinese New Year

hows chinese new year treating you?
food food food. cookies cookies cookies. *stop stop stop!*
sis : "eh che, every house you go to, the first thing you look for is the cookies and tid-bits izzit?"
me : " er..where got? no lar." *busy eating and trying the cookies and tid-bits*
sigh, bad cover up..
i love cookies. grin.
honestly, im a lil bit sick of chinese food. i have it everyday since reunion dinner. when i was back in my granny's place in Kluang, Johor, i have chinese food for both lunch and dinner. the best part, my granny cooks damn a lot. hence, eating leftovers most of the time. *ish, jiawei, be grateful!*
oh, just so you know, Kluang has the best beef noodle!! at least for me =) but, due to chinese new year, the shop wasn't open and i didnt get to eat!!! same goes for the railway station roti bakar. *pouts pouts*
on the first day of chinese new year, i got this...

ang pow from dad. BUT, there isnt a single dollar in it.

Instead..i got a note.. much to claim? hahahahahha *evil grin*

happy chinese new year everyone!! have a Great one. oink oink.

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