Sunday, February 18, 2007


shopping malls. heck, everywhere i go, i see decos for valentines. even newspapers are filled with adverts of restaurants promoting their valentines dinner package, with funny funny names like "romeo cappachino". memory lane was packed. couples were seen walking around Carrefour with the guy holding a bouquet of flowers. 2 guys were seen walking in the parking lot holding a bouquet of flowers each. Girl was seen resting her head on the boys shoulder while he drives. Girl was seen wearing Boys shirt while walking on the streets.
yeap, i see love everywhere and i sound like some pathetic fart. IM NOT!!!!! just giving a statement!!! roar.

because YOU are not here....

a few of us decided to stay home. cook, watch movie and sip some wine to chill.

im doing my part in cooking....lalalalalalala~
*ignore the fact that im just frying fries k, hehe, at least i cooked!!!*

afraid of not having enough food, we ordered Dominos. partly cause we had more people joining us at the very last minute. thanks to that, we had our Pizza's sponsored. hohoho. =)

thePeepz : fromleft : moiWithTheBraces, Maha-who-just-got-her-tattoo, Bryan-who-just-got-his-new-specs, JohnTheJoker and SamTheHopelessRomantic
*see the red plate? thats my current fav plate. im lovin it!*

crashing Sams house again..erm, ignore Bryan's hand. *oi! please! self-control! swt*

*slurp slurp* im lovin the drink. *mind you, non-alco*

ohhhlala~ missBryan looking soooooo sweet!!! im sorry, i failed the lala-post.

Jiawei and Samantha

where's my valentines kiss??

byeBye! until next years Valentines. 2008. a last pic by our lovely Bryan. isnt he cute? teehee..*memories*

Happy Chinese New Year!!

ps: thanks for the card n pressie. You made my day. Grin.

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