Sunday, March 04, 2007


one week of lectures and tutorial is enough! i need a holiday!

when Friday came, i actually shouted " thank God it's Friday " . suddenly, weekends seems so precious after not studying for almost 8 months.

im getting bored of the roads. can someone give me a lift to uni?

how ironic. (-_-)

during my superbly long break from studies, i was all excited about going to uni and most importantly, having something to do.

finally, the classes are here and the stress is slowly building up, im sitting right here at this very moment complaining that i need a holiday.

i miss my sleep. i miss late night tv series. i miss empty shopping malls during the day. i miss sitting around doing nothing. i miss gym. i miss the cinema. i miss cooking lunch. i miss hanging out with the girls. i miss my blog. i miss astro. i miss jamie oliver and kylie kwong. damn i miss my holidays. *pouts*

oya, LeeHoms concert in 18hours time!! woohooo~ and im going!!!!!! wwwwhhhhheeeeeeee~

I CANT WAIT YO!!! *beams*

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