Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Seriously, it's the ovaries


tutorials, revision, quiz, project. enough! heck, it's only the 2nd week!!!!!
today, classes ended early and i decided to settle some stuffs regarding my study loan. went to the bank, came out in 20mins time and i received my 1st present from MPSJ. thank you. im no more a saman-less virgin. and there goes the 80bucks haircut. *Sam, im thinking twice*
i feel damn stoooopid!! just to save the 50cents parking ticket, i got myself a 30bucks (after discount) parking ticket. *upset upset UPSET* greedy summore lar! haih....

on a happier note, i picked up rm1 from the floor while paying for my sandwich and nescafe(to keep me awake in class). k, this is purely to make myself happier. yay! *forced smile*

i had a job offer which i rejected due to studies. boohoo. *hmmm...maybe i should skip friday's class* *evil grin* for the sake of money. i cant believe i said that.

time and stress management. i need them badly.

Seriously! it's the ovaries. for the stressed up and moody me. girls....

PS: 2 days and i still cant believe i went for LeeHoms concert. the day i accept the fact is the day i shall blog and brag about it. i cant believe it. it felt too good to be real.

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