Tuesday, March 20, 2007

not so long, maybe just 974025702745days ago...

im making a come back after 2weeks. gosh, that was fast!

apparently my good old computer went haywire for like the zillionth time and i wasnt able to get online, what more blog. and now, im finding a lil hard to recall what happened the past weeks. oops, so much for a GOOD MEMORY. i blame education. i've officially lost my social life. i've been tired and sarcastic. no good yo!

today is a monday and i just gave up my first ever mini lab physics project. not exactly gave up, just deferred it and a 20% discount off my total marks. a discount for a pair of heels would be good, but definately NOT EXAM MARKS!!! bad bad start and i've learnt my lesson. =( the basic rule : Never Keep Your assignments and projects to the Very Last Minute. when you are few hours away from your presentation and the test-run, your brain just stops. to make things worst, i've not been having enough sleep for the past few days. the eye bags are obvious. sigh...
oya, i had my first event job. being a Dove&Sunsilk promoter for 12 hours a day. standing is no fun yo! 2 days of work and i realised there are people out there who doesnt know what is conditioner and how to use it. even girls. im a lil shocked. * no offence ya*

by the way, i just realised that i've yet to post up pics from the Chinese New Year visitings. and this was like......a month ago? not so long, i know. *sarcasm* *shakes head*

the visiting started off with jiawei's aka my crib. =)
me and missyCapel in red and LiShan in her Chinese-sy top.

next, Bryan's house! soooooo country and romantic! me likey!!! i feel peace.....

the super comfy couch.

a reflection of group pic..
from top left : Guys : bryan, cheeMing.
from left : Girls : Maha, Sam, SuLeen, me, Shan and Serene

it was perfect...until Bryan appeared in the background!!!!!! *angry*
LiShan's Crib. a big family pic with theDad who goes to gym and has bigger muscles than CheeMing. no joke yo!

at ChingMei's. She's the tall and pretty one beside me on the left.

Dinner at AsiaCafe. coincidently, it was BroTimDanker and CheeMing's 20th birthday. hence, the cake from Starbucks..theBro was too happy that you cant see his eyes. at least thats what i thought. *you better be!!* hehe...jk..

PS : when i see Hypertune at magazine stores, when i drive along the roads to college, when i took the KTM to KL Sentral, when i drink coffee, when i go to the cinemas, when i drive pass the Sunway garage area...... i miSS YoU.

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