Friday, March 23, 2007

have a break, have a kit-kat!!

the whole week! just to catapult an egg...

this is the final product. after a week of hard work and effort. this is it. yeap, we "sold" it. at least we think we did. it went further than we expected. not the best, but it was the best for us. =)

in the end, it's back to old wings, no tail, no catapult...just this and a rubberband.

it's over for now. tmrw is a new start. another project. tell me when is this gonna end!!!!! crap, it just started... =( all in all, im still hanging on yo!

busy busy busy.

yes, i need to chill. just sit back and relax. at least for today.

....and maybe ask my 5yr old sister to help clean my room...hahahahahhaa

PS : buy me a kitkat. i need that break.

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