Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

21/10/2007 (Friday)

one of the worst week ever! jam packed with projects, reports, tests. OMG. i miss sleeping!

thank God the hectic week is over. Nope, this is not the end of it, cause finals is just around the corner. wheee!~
oh, on a happier note, a pathetic one week midsem break. haha. er..supposedly study break?

super duper overdue post!

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theBoy with the FerrisWheel.

theBoy and I in one of the gondolas.
my suggestion : go in the day if you really wanna have a good view of Malaysia. Cant see nuts in the night, except for structures like KL tower and KLCC.

hello hello, Us again... =p

a closer shot of the ferris wheel. Loving the trusses. haha.

sorry for the not-so-interesting-just-pictures-and-hardly-any-word-post.

been a long week and im tired.

more to come! Laters!

ps: 7days

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