Saturday, September 22, 2007

That Dont Kill Me, Can Only Make Me STRONGER

22/09/2007 (Saturday)

Project of the week : Newspaper Bridge Competition

Materials : Newspaper and Glue (any sort)

We did everything and came up with a bridge in 24hours.
Dont ask how we did it, we just did.

The swollen hands covered with black layers of glue due to excessive rolling of newspaper rods for days and excessive use of superglue..

The process...

And the final production. =)

A glimpse at the group who beat everyone flat in the Tuesdays group.

The Truss Bridge that carried all the weights provided. A total of 125kg.
*impressive* an obese can stand on it without bending the bridge AT ALL!!!

Compared to Our bridge, that carried only a mere 19kg. damn embarrassing!! but then again, we deserve it, for last minute work..heee...

Moral of the Story: Team Work, Tolerance, Sacrifice. 'nuff said.

"I believe that believing we survive is what makes us survive"
-Dr IzzieStevens,GreysAnatomy

PS: im loving Structures =D =D =D

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