Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last / Maha is 20yearsOLD!!

27/09/2007 (Thursday)

You know sometimes, you just dont realise that this could be the last..

The last time you spend time together, see that person right in the eye..

Until you meet again..someday...somewhere...

When new buildings are built and old buldings destroyed.
Damn, i Hate this feeling..

For once, i want to be the one leaving and Not the one being left behind.



Maha turned 20 a few weeks back o.O

yes, that's how long this post WAS suppose to be up in the blog. heehee..sorry! busy lar, busy..


Dinner @ Restoran F4, Subang with the Girls and Boys
Because Maha Loves Chinese Food as you can see



LiShan having fun with the Pro-looking Camera that givess the *kachak-kachak sound*,which belongs to Maha

Later, adjourned to TGIF @ Subang for dessert. yummilicious! =D
Again, because Maha has a sweet tooth


Introducing the Desserts:

Mocha Mud Pie is the BOMB!

sorry maha, Chocbrownie need to step aside ady...


How can you bring theBirthday Girl to TGIF and Not sing her a birthday song?

The tradition in TGIF : Birthday girl/boy stands on chair, gives a speech, get embarrased, receive the TGIF version of Birthday song and blow the candle from a distance.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time to come up with something new..

**hint hint to TGIF. hahahaha**

Girls grab boobs too. =P

Sweet Like Candy

Single Shots of the Girls.

A tad too early for us to head home. Hence...

LiShan Loves posing in the open air carpark.. -_-"

YiJiang who came and join us 30mins before we left.

Lucky fella! Get all the girls.

And another fella who willingly carries the girls bags..

hmmm...ada potential..hahahaha

We Love You, Jo-Man


Hope you had fun Birthday Girl =)

okie, i malas already.


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