Friday, September 07, 2007

memory lost

6/09/2007 (Thursday)

seriously, i've been so busy the past few days, i forgot that my blog actually existed.

a particular project took up allll my time and my sleep and finally ended on tuesday. then came wednesday, and i've got 2 reports to hand in on the very same day. busy as a bee yo!

cravings for caramel popcorn+coke brought me to the movie "Invasion". not bad i would say. im freaked out.. =/

for 2 days in a row, i ate so much, i felt like a pig and my fats squeezing out from the sides. eeewww... i just never learn not to eat.

another project to look in to and a test to study for.
God bless my health and keep me sane.

feel like a bullet train trying to update on my life before i have another memory lost.

Take care. Love you guys to bits. muah! *drags off....

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