Sunday, September 09, 2007

my interest

9/09/2007 (Sunday)

i have nothing to blog about. nothing. (unless you call going to classes, sleeping, eating and doing assignments interesting..)

and when i do have things to blog about, i either procrastinate, being lazy or i'll be busy with studies and/or other stuff. then evetually, i'll just forget about it. =D ookaayyy...

since i've not been out and around lately(yeah, im a boring person), i shall share my current love interest with you peepz. =)

how come i never find all these so pretty in the past ar? does age matters? k, im prolly being stoopid
anyhow, anywhoo, anyway...Have a look at these babies

Golden Gate Bridge in SanFranciso

Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia

Railway bridge in Michigan, USA

these are just a few..

Dont you find them interesting??? because i do!!! it's amazing how these structures are built, with the design, the nasty calculations etc etc. omg, the super nerd side of me is out.. =/

moving on...

Random vintage art i google-ed during my self-proclaimed "free time". hehe..

( malas to photoshop the words =p )

sigh, vintage... loving it sooooooooooooooo much!

alrighty,Good Day folks!

Ps : another random random post.

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