Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post Exam Syndrome

13/11/2007 (Tuesday)

Yup yup, you heard me. Finals are OVER and DONE WITH!

currently, im just super duper lazy.

Room is in a mess. Notes and books still in sight, clothes are pilled up like a mountain behind the closet doors, in fact, i look like a mess..pimples, eyebags, frizzy hair...
and at the mean time, just tooooooo lazy to do anything about it.


suddenly, my initial holiday plans were all sent down the drain and now my hope for a fantastic holiday seems so far away..

sigh sigh, double sigh...

post exam syndrome. Get it??
im lost with no studies, no plans, no nothing..
mana kawan-kawan sekalian? =(

Gah! enough of drama.

back to my HongKong series.
yea, now you know why im being so drama...haha..
okie, snap out of it.


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