Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Fat and Lazy : Give up..

15th January 2008 (Tuesday)

...on uploading photos and blog on recent happenings in JiaWei's life.
Blogger/internet explorer/my internet connection is being a pain in the ass at the moment. The page hangs on me everytime i upload a photo. -_- lazy.
no pictures for now. just WORDS. and more WORDS.

and yes, im back home. im sure all my friends know by now.
Shopping wasnt great. Sales in S'pore has pretty much ended. and i heard Bangkok is a good place to shop?? hmm...

Guess what? BRYAN say i fat already =(
even my maid said my already round face looks rounder now. =( =(
eat lar, eat summore. i love food. to Vimal, i eat ok, but you're just not there to see.

gym! im working on it.
i think it's time to attend the classes and yoga once again.

O M G.
im just so so lazy nowadays.

i need a job in order to maintain my social life and my self proclaimed shopping spree.
every outing. money.
shopping. money.
movie + popcorn + drink. money.
window shopping + car park. money.
gym + car park. money.
good food. money.
starbucks/coffeeBean. money.
im planning to set up a booth for donation. read : i need donation. thanks.

oya, back to looking for a job.
does being a good daughter get paid?
i dont mind cash/cheque/banking/stuffs from my wishlist/good meal.

i need a haircut and a new hair colour!

just cant get enough.
i see the boys nodding their heads in agreement. do i?

missed 2 dance classes. went for class today, and i was a lost child in the desert. *upsetUPSET*

milo ice now costs RM2.
crazy!!! i love milo. dont take it away from me.

my pet died. He was a pig. my first pig died on the 14th of January 2008 at age 5.
poor thing went into a coma and died peacefully.
yes, we manage to bid goodbye. *sobs*
got a new pet by the way. a FISH!
fyi, i got a tamagotchi (virtual pet) from theBoyfriend for Christmas. wheee~
my first k!
i wasnt allowed to get one of my own during my younger years. sigh.. *looks at the mother*
oh, apparently, i was given the virtual pet to test my capability in taking care of something. just to see if im capable of taking care a real life breathing human being/pet/plant/whatever that has life.
okie..i think i just scared a few people away.
please, im better than that. way better.

theBoyfriend is currently in zombie (exam) mode.
UK and Australian education system are always opposite to each other.
when im having holidays, he's having exams/classes. vice versa.
to theBoyfriend who is not taking good care of yourself, please take care.

UglyBetty calls.
i shall continue on my life as the fat and lazy someday when i've got better internet connection.
enough words for the day? heee..
gah, stupid flu. nose stuck ady!!!!
clarinase to the rescue.

such a random post. geez.. *rolls eyes*

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