Thursday, January 17, 2008

hello hardworker, call me lazy / Scarlet / TSB

17th January 2008 (Thursday)

today is a fine day. no rain. sunny.
the only time i stepped out of the house was to pick my sister back from school.
been spending so much time with mrLappie, he's basically my soul mate whom i cant survive without.

Compared to the days when i was working and stood for at least 8 hours a day, i dont think i can even do an hour now.

Sam is working, LiShan is working, MayYee and Maha are back in uni. The others are basically busy with their own stuff. and me? just sitting here, finding random things to do. whatever it is, it's better than studying. agree? heee *big fat grin*

Seriously, i need a job. where to find? plus, Chinese New Year is coming. i cant work for long. bleh, bad planning bad bad planning! okay.... partly lazy. i admit!

Some pictures taken in Scarlet and TSB some time ago. Enjoy!

Vimal, JiaWei, Denvinl (birthday girl), Ashanti

TheHighSchool bunch joined us after dinner.

new faces! Denvinl, Ashanti, Adrian, Dinesh

the 2 girls who will be leaving to Aussieland this coming Feb.
im gonna have fewer friends in uni =(

Oh, did i mention? they'll be married some day. =p
ps : vimal, i know you like this. haha

Thats all for Scarlet!
To Denvinl, i hope you had fun =)


TSB @ Bangsar.
sometime last week?
excuse the short term memory lost.

yea, Ben cant seem to take normal pictures.

ok, thats all for TSB.

haha, im just too darn lazy to elaborate. soweeeeee...

i was suppose to go Loft tonight. but no transport. boohoo.

lets see, what show to watch next?

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  1. jiaweiiii !
    hehe i didnt know you actually posted some fat pics of mine here :)
    miss you and we're gonna see you in melb next year yeah? and vimal.hahahahaha