Thursday, February 21, 2008

Malacca, again

20th February 2008 (Wednesday)

16th February 2008 (Saturday)

this post was supposed to be up on the 16th. at first, i was lazy, then, i was caught up helping out with the orientation in uni which ended today. hehe. and by the way, we went on the 12th of Feb (Tuesday).

you read it right. we went Malacca! again because Sam and LiShan was there as well when we went last year around the same time. O M G. so fast one year already. crazy.

anyway, be polite and say hello to Tim's faithful myVi! *waves hello* thanks for bringing us across states, all the way to Malacca. of course, must thank the one behind the wheels aso. thanks TimDanker! :D

5 in a car. Tim, Ben, LiShan, Sam and me!

breakfast at melur.

11plus am

we hit the roads.


hello Malacca!

1st stop : Chicken Rice ball. (i still think the one from Klang is better. heh)

Ben being Ben.

White steamed chicken and Tim's balls. *get your mind straight people*

my girls. sooooo LiShan. *shakes head*

the kinky and the i-love-mini-coopers-forever.


hello hot sunny Malacca

LiShan : eh!!!! we took a pic here during our trip last year. lets take another one on
the same spot!!!
Sam, JW : ok ok.
JW : where? here i think.
*stand, pose, snap *

the groupie

Pit stop!

Malacca Cendol.

(not nice, i think the one in SS15 Subang is better)

(so much for going alllllll the way to Malacca for it. bleh)

the welcome-to-Malacca pose

a strole along the bridge

Malacca river yo. *jakun*

its Ben, again... -_-"

we shopped for Mickey Mouse Uno Cards and Happy Family!

(which i later on found out that Happy Family costs only RM1.10 here in Subang, while we bought it in Malacca for RM1.00. saved 10cents. wth.)

*update* i found a bookshop in Bangsar selling it for RM1.00. i believe the cards in Malacca are different.

he has a thing for Bob Marley

we were sweaty but still happy. =D

childhood calls.

remember the blow the bubble thingy? the small tube of gel-like-paste and a small yellow tube for you to blow? *keep your minds straight ppl*

happy tourists

then we got lost trying to locate the beef noodle shop along Jalan Bachang.

ok kT, i know they have a branch in PJ. but since we were in Malacca, why not? haha

the super 'kao' beef noodle soup.

the not-so-kao or should i say kinda tasteless dry beef noodle.

love the fried pork ribs! *yum yum*

did some window shopping in Mahkota Parade after that because shopping is part of life. hee.. =D

ended up in A'Famosa for the must-take-picture, just to show that we were indeed in Malacca. check out the tourists behind us yo! in fact, this pic was taken by a tourist from China. haha.

Dinner time!

Satay Celup along Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Ban Lee Siang.

supposed to go to Capitol, but we got lost and gave up looking for it. anyway, none of us have tried the one here, so we gave it a try. and erm, one try is enough, because i still prefer the one in Capitol. i wanna go there now. heh.

we saw the lights from far. we were told that there was a funfair somewhere nearby. we HAD to go. we followed the light. and we see Asia Fun Park. finally. =)

funfair! funfair!

never too old for this.

on the way back..

*peace out*

hence marks the end of our road trip. all of us were pretty tired then. thanks again Tim for driving us there =)

im sure all had fun.


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