Monday, February 25, 2008

School and Birthday

25th February 2008 (Monday)

Announcement :

the semester has begun.
today, being the first day of the semester for year 2008.
boohoo. i've got classes as early as 8am. gimme a pillow =( no, i dont have a day off.

i miss doing nothing. i miss waking up without the help of my alarm clock. i miss just lazing around the house and wear my pyjamas for the whole day. i miss not having to look at my books and notes. i miss not attending lectures in the morning. i miss hanging out with the friends. i miss my loooooooooooooooong hours of sleep. i miss late night outs. i miss shopping malls in the afternoon. OH M GEE. i miss my holidays already. =( I MISS DOING NOTHING!! *lazy lazy lazy lazyyyyyyyyyyyy*

Enough already.

Happy Birthday
Timothy Danker!!!!!

the kid in you....
the camwhore...
it's time to unlock the lock to freedom =)

Have a Kinky 21st Birthday :D

much love old fart!

Edit : 90's pop. i miss. i love.

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