Saturday, March 01, 2008


1st March 2008 (Saturday)

Happy 21st Birthday Vivian!

hope you had a great time in Aus. =)
dont miss us. i know you do. haha.

The woman had an early celebration with her family and friends for her 21st birthday before heading back to Aus.

Gift Box shared among the few of us with lots of goodies and happy stuffs in it.

Colours colours and More Colours!!!

Dont worry May Yee, i still think you look good with that shocking face of yours. haha.

JiaWei, Sam

LiShan and her Boyfriend

Take a guess at what is she scolding him for. hahahaha. Ben Ben... *shakes head*

Girls with the 21 year old.

Anish, Sam, Tim, Me, ChingMei

Gambling. Not.

Yes. Mickey Mouse Uno cards. lovelove..

Guess who won the game? Hint: ME. =p

With the high school classmate, KingHao

With another highschool mate, Meor

never too late for a Spongebob cake ey?

All of us.

Spongebob cake - a gift from Maha.

looks cute and taste good! butter cake yo. yumyum

Stuffs we got her. You can have a peek at the gift box.

And yes, Spongebob is still her favourite.

why am i not surprised to find this picture in my camera -_-"

i love you May Yee =D

The one on the left is SOON to cross the line to adulthood.

okay, that's about it. Im back to uni. Busy with lectures, tutorials, labs, you name it.

8am class tmrw. ish.


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