Thursday, March 06, 2008

I did a Powerpuff

6th February 2008 (Thursday)

I saved Monday.
Because i went to the kitchen to grab a banana and i smelt gas. Initially, it wasnt really strong, but as i reached out for a banana which was located near the gas stove in the kitchen, the smell came on stronger and i realised that the switch to the gas stove was not closed properly. The kitchen could have exploded and i could have died taking a banana.

Once again, I saved Monday.

Hence, my Powerpuff stint. heh. =p


Tutorials was at 8am this morning. As usual, the supposedly 15mins drive to uni on a smooth traffic took me more than 30mins with the usual morning traffic jam. Again, i was 15mins late for class. and i figured it was ok, since it was a 2hours tutorial class.

The lecturer/tutor said "That's all for today" at 8.55am.

The 2hour became an hour.
and because i was late, it was only 40mins for me.

30plus minutes in the traffic, 40mins in class.
in a way, i damn tak puas wei!!!!


Im blogging from home.

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