Saturday, March 08, 2008

One Life Revolution

8th February 2008 (Saturday)

Have you heard of One Life Revolution? *click* Check this out!

They had an exhibition in Monash University Malaysia, which started on the 5th of March 2008 (wednesday). The exhibition ends today! But, no worries, there will be another one on the 15th-16th March 2008 in Mid Valley.

The exhibition provides us with 3 stories by different people from different background and gives us an insight look at how they were affected by HIV.

Each person will be given a set of headphones+mp3 player, then guided into a room made out of big pieces of wood joint together. When you are in it, the narrator will guide you through one of the 3 stories, where you will walk through their life in the form of a story.

You only get to visit one story each time you are in it. So if you want to walk through all the 3 stories, yes, you need to line up 3 times for it.

That's all im gonna tell you. Wanna know more? experience it yourself!

By the way, each story takes about 15-20 minutes. My friends and I had to be in the line for 1 whole hour before it was our turn! It's worth the wait ok!

Please please please, IF you are in Malaysia and Mid Valley or Monash is within reach, PLEASE give the exhibition a visit.

You think you know HIV? You have NO idea until you take a walk in the life of those affected....

Have a heart and Do something!!!!

a minimum of RM 15 donation.

Not only you'll get to help those infected, but at the same time, get yourself a pair of flip-flops! =)

Other than flip-flops, there are limited edition One Life t-shirts (minimum RM 20 donation) and car stickers (minimum RM5 donation).

If you are able to, why not sponsor a child? Get more info when you are at the exhibition/visit the website *click*=)

One love, One blood, One life,

You got to do what you should,

One life,

With each other,

Sisters and myBrothers,

One life,

But we're not the same,

We get to,

Carry each other,

Carry each other......

One Love by U2 and Mary J.Blige



Just in case some of you were wondering, I DID NOT send the link for my blog along with the mail i sent to some of you regarding the One Life Revolution link to promote my blog.

It was sent with a purpose in mind! Since i wrote a post regarding the event, i just want to share my experience with everyone.

This is to avoid any misunderstandings.
Im sorry if the wrong message was sent out. But, really, just read the post regarding One Life Revolution. That's all i want. Whether you want to visit this blog of mine again, it's really up to you =)

Thanks a bunch to those who at least spent a little time to read up on One Life Revolution!!!

i think thats the least i can do to help spread the word.

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