Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday in March

13th March 2008 (Thursday)


One Life Revolution*clickClick* Exhibition

in Mid Valley Exhibition Hall,

15th-16th March 2008.

this weekend!

One Life: YOU

To save One life: a child's

In One continent: Asia


Raining season. are you aware of it?

Gloomy. the word to describe the current weather.

haven't seen MrSunShine for quite some time.ok fine, i saw the sun this morning..JUST for a while..

i miss MrSunShine!!!!

a bit....until it gets so hot and sunny, i'll regret saying this and pray for the rain to come.

Recently, lecture halls, laboratory, classrooms and library seems much colder.
It's time for all the lovely jackets/cardigans/longsleeves to come out and play!! wheeeeeeee~ =p

Anyway, Uni is keeping me sane.not.

Classes starts at 8am EVERY-freaking-DAY! and on certain days, it ends at 6pm. the super duper long hours in uni, so not fun!

Once im home, rest for awhile, it's time to work on reports/tutorials. boohoo =(

tell me again WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE? though im in year 2 already. heh.

FYI, i need to do a webtest for Chemistry. 20% internals yo! 6 tests to complete. you get 3 attempts for each test, no time limit, But, there's only a limited time whereby the test can be accessed.

And i just completed my first attempt for my first test after spending the whole morning and half of my afternoon on 10 questions.


the fact that i woke up at 7am for my 8am tutorial. not helping at all. thanks.

random note: i took a picture of myself just 5mins ago. and i saw this super obvious-ugly-ugly-ugly-sosougly eyebags right underneath my eyes. The picture got deleted immediately. bring me the concealer. NOW!

Attention MissyCapel :
we need to meet up SOON. So soon, it better be this coming few days/week. hehe. love love. =p

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