Monday, July 07, 2008

Calvin's Birthday

7th July 2008 (Monday)

2 weeks ago!

A belated birthday celebration on Sunday (22.7.08). Pool party!

Saik Su, Hui Mynn, Fiona, Hsiao Hui, Sheau Chin, me :)

the Birthday boy in orange - Calvin, and the guys.

(because i forgot some of the guys names =x)

Birthday Boy and the Girls.

eh, why Calvin looking so stiff? take picture with the guys got big big smile, while i see a smirk on his face in the above picture with the girls. WHY?!! shouldnt it be the other way around? hmm...

Group picture!

I have never seen a birthday boy so stressed up during his own birthday party. the fella was running up and down non-stop making sure that everything runs smoothly. he's a great host, but, chill!! your birthday!

and he's super serious in making his birthday wish alright. with heads down summore. haha.

ps: great food. great friends. an awesome host. we had fun :D
Happy belated (really really belated) 21st! ;)

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