Monday, November 24, 2008

Emmy's 21st / Quattro

25th November 2008 (Tuesday)

One Sunday gone, another Sunday soon to come. My eyes are still glued to the laptop 24/7, still no internship, still lazy, still feeling tired despite the low energy consumption.

A dear friend, Emilia celebrate her very belated 21st birthday last Saturday.

We've been friends since high school. Seeing her not only in class, but also after school since we attended the same tuition for almost every subject, from maths to add maths to chemistry to bm. Not forgetting that i always hitch a ride from her mom for afternoon tuition. Prefect days, interact days, kadet bomba days...Geez, that sure was a few years back.

After leaving high school, i went to Taylors, while she was in Inti. erm, Taylors and Inti are just next to each other by the way. haha. Then came university, we're both in Monash, different courses but still under the same roof. :)

Happy 21st Birthday Emmy :) *huggies*

Emmy the birthday girl was busy running up and down, we had to literally stop her along the way and take a few pics before she disappears, again.

WernPei, LiShan, Emmy, Maha, JiaWei
**Ju-Ping!!! where are you? :(

The latecomers *shy*

Emmy and Wei Yeong

YewSoon - friend from primary and his soulmate, Jasmine.

They've been together for the longest time ever! Since high school :) when's the wedding? :D

Johanan, LiShan who came even later than us :p, Maha, WernPei

Class of 2004!

this is just a small part of us. the amazing thing, we all come from different classes, yet, kept in touch and still maintain a close knit till this very day.

Another group photo with our high school teacher, Pn Rachel :)
Once a teacher to us, now a friend.
Great teacher, but you really wouldnt want to mess with her in school. :S

LiShan, Maha and I left for Quattro after the birthday party. Along the way, picked up Sam and May Yee.

Been hearing so much about this new club in town.

4 season: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

the place was packed!!

I kinda like the concept. 4 sections, 4 season, each with a different setting.
Autumn - The Club
Winter - The Bar
Spring - Chill out place with live bands
Summer - Restaurant

5 of us, reunited in Winter bar.
It was freeeeeeezing cold! 5 degress if not mistaken?
All smiles? We were freezing our ass off k.

We were there for a bit then decided to leave and check out the Autumn club. OMYGOODNESS! it was so so packed! 6 of us went it, we lost the other 3 while trying to get our way pass the crowd of humans. Music was pretty good, but the crowd was just insane. I would think that the management should control the amount of people going in. Clearly, there were more people in the Autumn club than the Winter bar.

We went in to Autumn club, squeezed our way through and came out feeling relieved. -__-
Not to mention that some random guy came up to Sam in an attempt to drag her to the bar for a drink, while Maha and I got grab on the hand by another random guy. what the heck.

In the end, we spent most of the night sitting outside winter bar, hanging around the smoking/jacket loan-ing area.

No, i had no intention to loan a jacket.

My buddy and I.

LiShan and Hari

We were suppose to look shocked.
Maha is the best lar! HAHAHAHA

Us Us Us

Maha who's leaving us for Aussie next month.

LimLiShan please control yourself.

MayYee being goofy.

Maha rockin' the pout. :p

so who's pout is better? Maha or MayYee? tsk tsk.

Last pic for the night.
I love you Bestie :)

and yes May Yee, we love you too..haha

Most of the pics were taken OUTSIDE the bar. None in the Autumn club cause we can barely find a place to stand! None in the Spring section since we didn't exactly have a place there. Of course, we didn't get to go into Summer. Ohya, i didn't even get to see the icebar -____-
Seriously, with all the hype going on about Quattro, it wasnt that great to me. Should have, could have been better.

Conclusion, it was a boring night but thank God the girls were there. We were good enough to entertain each other :) LiShan, thank you for bringing us there. Maha, you made a new friend *wink wink* *May Yee, let's laugh at Maha. HAHAHAHAHA* Sam, met and became friends with someone in less than 30mins time.

Girls, let's do this again! Different place with more hot guys for viewing pleasure ;)

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