Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Im on a race!!!

18th November 2008 (Tuesday)

I would like to think of exams as a race. From the starting line, study like mad and turn yourself into a zombie. Then, *bang* it's the day, you sit for the paper. Go! the journey to the finishing line starts. of course, the finishing line being the day the results will be out.

I've started my race. Currently heading towards the finishing line. seeing it, but not quite there yet. Fortunate enough, i get to take a rest in between the race..laze around, catching up with close friends, spending time with the family, more time with the boy, doing stuff that i never found the time to do before the exams.....

However, it just came to me that im not that far away from the finishing line..im afraid of the outcome. nothing i can do now, but just run towards the finishing line. but the fear..sigh..it's just not leaving..the fear of failing.

as always, i left it to God.. and i need to stop the doubts.

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from another point of view, this is another hurdle in life that i need to overcome. Can i make it? we'll see..

**ish..damn drama. must be the holidays :p

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