Tuesday, January 27, 2009


26th January 2009 (Monday)

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

The MooMoo year. i think im eating like a cow with four stomachs -_______-
From the eve of Chinese New Year, i've been eating non-stop! i shall not complain for i am blessed with good food.

Reunion dinner in my (parent's) house

if you've noticed, chinese food wasn't the main dish.
Times have changed and it is now more to western. apparently easier to prepare western food. hence you see the ribs, cheese baked potatoes, fried chicken wings and salad. heh. oh, and a lil bit of malay - satay and spicy fried rice. i want yee sang! yet to lou sang for this chinese new year :(

because my house is too small to accommodate everyone in the living room.

Woke up to mom's fried mee and porridge this morning. yum..
Dressed up after breakfast, and off we went for some visiting. Oh, my uncle and family are here at my place for a 2 night stay. So 2 cars, and off we went.

More food and tidbits at relative's.
FookChow fishball is the best best best! especially homemade ones.
fyi, FookChow fishball is fishball with meat fillings inside.
I get to eat homemade ones only once a year. so it was a great deal for me. :p

(my lil sis is hunching! need to be trained)

In the car. After receiving ang pao's from our parents.
Mom gave Singapore dollars :p

my sister was happy and showing off.

Hope everyone is enjoying the MooMoo year! :)

im off to Kluang tomorrow.


  1. happy new year girl :D it's been 3 months i never see u huh ?! ahaa..see u in aussie soon. and btw. u look stunning in that green skirt . :P hehe

  2. Sheau Chin!!!

    Yes! We'll meet at the airport ;)
    Hope you're doing well :)

    Take care k!
    btw, thanks for the compliment. hee..