Saturday, February 07, 2009

Because theBoy was bored

Because the darling said I was too free with nothing to do..

So here is something for those who are too bored with nothing to do too!

First, identify yourself as right or left brain person:

1. Hold your hands together, as if you were praying. Look at your hands.*

If you see

Left thumb is below the right thumb ---> left brain
Right thumb is below the left thumb ---> right brain

2. Fold your arms in front of you (as if you are angry)*

Right arm above left arm ---> left brain
Left arm above right arm ---> right brain

Based on 1+2 (order important), below is the interpretation of your personality:

Right-Left: Considerate, traditional, indirect type. Can instinctively read other's emotion, and respond friendly by natures. Although not very into taking initiatives in moving forward, but this person will always take a step back in supporting others. Stable personality and considerate, give others a being protected feeling. But the weakness is they cannot say no; regardless how unwilling they are, they will take care of others.

Right-Right: Loves challenges type. Straightforward. Once they decided on one thing, will take action right away. Very curious, and love challenges. Dare to face dangers without thinking through (sometimes foolishly). Their weakness is they don't listen to others, will filter in only what whey want to hear in a conversation, and very subjective. However, because of their straightforward attitude, they tend to be fairly popular.

Left-Left: Dedicated, cold, perfectionist Very logical in all aspects. The only way to defeat (or win over) him/her is through reasons. Has a lot of prides, and feeling strongly about doing the right thing. If they are your friends, they are very trustworthy. However, if they are your opponents, they will be very tough to deal with. Because they can be very 'anal' as a perfectionist, they usually leave a bad impression of being hard to deal with when first met.

Left-Right: Likes to take care of others, leader type. Has a cool and keen observation ability to see through situations, yet still can be considerate in others needs. Because of their cool and calm nature, and strong sense of responsibility, they tend to become head of a group. Popular among people. However, they may not be able to help themselves in meddling because they want to take care of others too much. Very concerned about how others view them, and always on alert.

(As usual, the disclaimer will have to be at the smallest fonts possible, at a section far away from the article)
1. left and right brain identification result might vary according to individual and quantity of attempts.
2. Results of the test aforementioned article might vary in reality according to individual.
* 3. Under section 21 article a. under law. website: is not responsible for any injuries and/or any liable effects due to the attempt the above stunt aforementioned in the article.
* 4. will not be liable for any side-effects due to multiple attempts of the aforementioned stunt.

Source: No idea where on earth I found it..

A blog entry by the all too bored Boy

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