Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out of the blue

22nd March 2009 (Sunday)

It's a Sunday!
Marks another week in Melbourne.

Dinner with Dad's friend and family was just awesome. Great food, great company. Most of all, to hear that my parents are doing well :)

A simple phone call back home made me miss home so much. I miss the noise. I was put on speakermode and I could hear everyone at the background, especially my lil' sister screaming and shouting. boy, i miss her. caught up on some family matters and was assured that all will be fine, i need not worry.

It kills me to receive facebook messages from my sister telling me that things are not good back home. It kills me to hear that people in the house are crying over issues. It kills to hear that arguments are going on while im away.
I should stop.
need not worry as im healthy and well :)

On a happier note, the new semester had been going on for 3 weeks now.
In total, I've sat for 3 test.
Assignments lined up.
More tests to come.

On a happier happier note, I've been shopping (not much) and hanging out with a bunch of jokers.

On a random note, caramel cheesecake and bubble tea from Glen sounds really good at the moment. :p

The pictures, shall we?

Above pictures were taken on various occasions.
Im simply too lazy to give them all a caption. just bare with it while i get the mood to blog properly again. thankyou. goodbye and have an awesome week ahead.